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Preventive Care in North York

preventive care North York

Prevention is a joint effort by you, and our North York family dentists to preserve your natural teeth and supporting structures by preventing the onset, progression, and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions.

Preventing dental disease begins with your lifestyle - specifically your oral health routine. By maintaining a proper oral health routine, including regular dental check-ups, and eating a healthy diet, you can do your part to prevent oral disease and complications.

Preventive care is continued at our North York dental office by our team of dental professionals to promote, restore, and maintain your oral health.

Prevention helps avoid serious and costly dental problems and is the key to having a healthy, confident, beautiful smile.

Prevention includes regular dental exams, cleanings, and x-rays. Sealants and fluoride are also great preventive treatments that help protect the teeth.

Dental Exams

A comprehensive dental exam will be performed by Dr. Stephen Kay during your first dental visit at our North York dental office. At regular, follow-up (recall), check-up exams, your dentist and hygienist will address any concerns you might have about your oral health and provide:

  1. An x-ray examination, (radiographs) essential for detecting cavaties, tumors, cysts, and bone loss. X-rays also help to identify tooth and root conditions, and teeth that have not yet erupted.
  2. An oral cancer screening by checking your face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, and mouth for signs of oral cancer.
  3. A periodontal evaluation, by checking your gums and the bone around your teeth for signs of periodontal (gum) disease.
  4. An examination of your teeth by checking all tooth surfaces for decay or other conditions.
  5. An examination of existing fillings, crowns, bridges, and implants etc.

For young children, regular dental check ups are especially important to monitor the developing teeth and jaws through "eruption guidance" and provide minimal treatments that often can prevent more involved conditions as the child gets older.

It is important to establish a "dental home" early on in life, so that patients feel comfortable and "at home" in their dental office. Preventive care is a great way to establish that dental home at our North York dental office!

Fees and Financial Information

Our fees are based on the most current Ontario Dental Association fee guide for General Practitioners for general dental services and the most current Ontario Dental Association fee guide for Specialists for specialty dental services.

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We Follow the Ontario Fee Guide

At Kaydental, we believe that a fair fee is one of the key features in building a strong patient-doctor relationship. At our North York dental office, we follow the suggested fee guide for General Practitioners from the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) in order to maintain pricing stability and keep patients in the know about the price of every service and product they pay for.

If you have any questions about the costs of any of our dental services, please contact us so one of our staff members can clarify and guide you through the price determinations.

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