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Infection Control

Providing dental care in a clean and safe environment is of paramount importance at our office. Maintaining strict infection control protocols and routine practices protect you and your family, and us as your health care providers.

Our infection control protocols follow the best practices guidelines provided by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, Ontario Public Health, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and OSHA-the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The following are the measures we take to protect against infectious diseases.

Gloves, masks, and protective eyewear

All of our staff wear protective eyewear, masks and non-latex gloves, and hands are washed and disinfected with germicidal soap or alcohol based hand sanitizer prior to providing patient care. Gloves and masks are changed for every patient. Patients are also provided with protective eyewear during our procedures and we often utilize rubber dam isolation during restorative procedures to prevent ingestion of dental materials.

Equipment Sterilization

All reusable equipment such as, dental drills, hygiene handpieces, and teeth cleaning and filling instruments are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and heat sterilized prior to reuse. This process kills ALL bacteria and viruses. Our sterilizers are biologically tested daily and maintained by our staff and third party companies to ensure proper function. In addition, all sterilized instruments are contained in protective packs until use. Chemical indicators are contained in each instrument pack. These indicators monitor and indicate that sterilization parameters have been reached during the sterilization process in each pack of instruments.

Disposable single use materials are used whenever possible. All non-sterilizable materials and equipment such as needles, suction tips, and sundries are appropriately disposed of after single use.

Counter tops, chairs and office surfaces are thoroughly cleaned between patients with hospital grade disinfectants.

Dental Unit Waterlines are flushed thoroughly- daily and between patients, and are treated with an anti-biofilm water disinfectant. Our outgoing suction lines are also filtered in accordance with provincial law to protect our environment.


Our dentists and staff continually take continuing education courses that highlight best practices in infection control.

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