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Your North York Pediatric Dentist Office

Welcome to Kaydental Kids, your local North York Children's Dental Office

For over 30 years our North York Children's dental office has treated and assessed a wide range of oral health conditions in the North York region.

Pediatric Dentists provide primary and comprehensive oral health care for children from infancy through adolescence. With specialized techniques of behaviour management and dental care (they) provide the diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and consultative expertise required by children, including those with special care needs.

After completing four years of dental school, certified pediatric dentists have successfully completed a minimum of two additional years of specialty training in the field of pediatric dentistry and have passed a specialists' licensing examination.

Pediatric dental specialists focus on prevention and early detection of oral diseases found in children. Key aspects of a pediatric dental practice include:

  • Preventing and treating dental decay (cavities)
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Treating and re-building the mouths of young children with nursing or baby bottle decay
  • Educating parents on use of pacifiers, sippy cups, baby bottles, thumb and finger habits, and nutrition
  • Educating parents on growth and development
  • Providing eruption guidance for the primary (baby) and permanent (adult) teeth to prevent or minimize the need for future orthodontic treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment for poorly positioned teeth
  • Treating teeth that have been injured in, for example, falls or accidents
  • Providing oral health care for persons with significant medical, physical, mental conditions, or developmental disabilities
  • Developing in patients and parents positive attitudes toward dental care
  • Working with pediatricians, other doctors and dental specialist to provide the best care for children through a team approach.

Our North York Dentistry is highly committed to helping people overcome these dental anxiety and establish a positive approach to regular oral health care. We are always welcoming families and new patients of all ages! If you're looking for a dental home near Sheppard and Yonge we would be thrilled to welcome you to ours!

The Team at Kaydental

North York Children's Dentists

Dr. Melvyn Kay
Specialist in Dentistry for Children
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Dr. Leila Raziee
Specialist in Dentistry for Children
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Let us know how we did!
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Fees and Financial Information

Our fees are based on the most current Ontario Dental Association fee guide for General Practitioners for general dental services and the most current Ontario Dental Association fee guide for Specialists for specialty dental services.

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We Follow the Ontario Fee Guide

At Kaydental, we believe that a fair fee is one of the key features in building a strong patient-doctor relationship. At our North York dental office, we follow the suggested fee guide for General Practitioners from the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) in order to maintain pricing stability and keep patients in the know about the price of every service and product they pay for.

If you have any questions about the costs of any of our dental services, please contact us so one of our staff members can clarify and guide you through the price determinations.

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