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May 2021: Tips, eNews & More!


Strawberry season is coming soon with the relatively warmer days. Did you know that strawberries contain malic acid, which is a natural tooth-whitening enzyme? This fruit can help keep your teeth free of stains, and as a bonus, it's delicious! However, eating too many can damage the enamel of your teeth, so remember to eat smart! Check out a delicious and healthy recipe for Strawberry Oatmeal Bars you can enjoy with your loved ones.

In this month's article, we discuss the impact aging has on our dental health and how taking care of your teeth can help prevent oral diseases. We hope it gives you more information and tools to help maintain your healthy smile. Don't forget to book your regular dental visit with us today to make sure your dental health is in top shape!

Stay safe and have a healthy month,

Dr. Stephen Kay, Dr. Melvyn Kay, and the Kaydental Team

Aging and Your Oral Health

As we age, many factors are involved in how aging impacts our bodies. Our teeth and oral health are no exceptions. It is a myth that as you age, tooth loss is inevitable. With proper care and maintenance, your teeth can last you a lifetime.

Some changes that you may notice as you age include symptoms of xerostomia (dry mouth), periodontitis (gum disease), root and coronal caries (decay). It is important that older adults continue to focus on the prevention of cavities and prevention of gum disease.

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Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

Who said desserts had to be filled with sugar to be enjoyable? These strawberry oatmeal bars are a healthy option, filled with natural sweetness from fresh strawberries. Packed with under 100 calories, this is a perfect dessert for adults and kids alike. If you are vegan, you can substitute butter for coconut oil. We hope you will love this delicious healthy dessert option that is easy to make and refreshing for the Spring season.

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